Trusted CNA and Caregiver Talent, Ready to Join Your Team.

We take the friction out of hiring new CNAs & Certified Caregiver, so you can focus on the business of care.

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Goodbye caregiver crisis. Hello NextStep.

Caregiving can be hard. Hiring and up-skilling your caregiving workforce should be easy. We take the friction out of hiring new CNAs & Certified Caregivers, and up-skilling your existing workforce, so you can focus on the business of care.

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Your mission is Care.
Our mission is Caregivers.

Effortless Recruitment

We deliver work-ready Certified Caregivers and CNAs to your door with a guarantee.

Lovable Continuing Education

We offer 140+ expert led, mobile app based CE courses to upskill your current caregivers affordably and effectively.

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Stuck at a computer trying to fill vacancies with little to show for it?
Poaching CNAs from your competition?
Losing revenue because you can’t find caregivers?

Caregivers you want. Delivered to your door. Ready to work. It's that simple.

We feel your pain.
We've got your solution.


Median caregiver turnover rate hits all time high of 82%


Vacancy rates for caregivers soar past 30 days


8 million new caregivers needed by 2026

Work ready CNAs and Certified Caregivers you can trust, delivered to your door with a guarantee.


We expand the supply of future caregivers by recruiting from non-traditional labor segments


We screen using psychographic assessments to ensure a good fit for caregiving


We train in certified skills using mobile app based, bite sized learning along with peer, lab, and clinical learning


We certify that learners have achieved skill mastery through psychometrically valid assessments and RN mentor review


We place work ready CNAs & Certified Caregivers with our Employer Network members after a full background check, TB test, drug test & other required verification.


We guarantee you will love NextStep CNAs and certified caregivers! If you aren’t satisfied, we will provide a replacement  at no cost.
Tired of boring CE that your caregivers dread?
Looking for CE that empowers caregivers to succeed & grow your business?
Wishing for convenient CE that caregivers can take on their own mobile phone?

CE that powers your business,
not just your compliance.

Serious CE skills your caregivers will love and you can trust.

Your team will get
  • -  Expert authored CE courses
  • -  Easy to use mobile app based learning
  • -  Anytime, anywhere access
  • -  Bite-sized, fun lessons
  • -  Psychometric assessments & video portfolios to prove mastery
Certified badging in 140+ caregiving skills
  • -  Dementia/Alzheimers
  • -  Injury On-The-Job
  • -  Hoyer Lifts
  • -  Diabetes
  • -  End-of-Life Care
    -  Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
    -  Developmental Disabilities
    -  Medication Assistance
    -  Post-Ortho Surgery
    -  LGBTQ
    -  Person-Centered Care
    -  Cultural Responsiveness

What people are saying...

I’ve been in the CNA training business for more than 40 years and I can say without a doubt that NextStep is the best thing out there!

Jetta Fuzy, RN, MS
Master CNA Trainer & #1 Amazon Bestselling CNA Textbook Author

Even the tests were fun! Seriously. I use what I've learned everyday on the job.

Alli Lance
NextStep learner

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